Frequently Asked Questions 


1. When would I know my booth allocation?

Sellers will be given their booth allocation on random basis 5-7 days before the event via email.

Floorplan will not be given as the layout will be subjected to changes; based on weather and any adhoc building management requirements. 

Booths will be tagged with booth numbers, you may proceed straight to your booth on the event day. Our crew will approach you for verification. 


2. How many luggage can I bring? 

There's no limit to the number of luggage, but do make sure your stuff do not go beyond the demarcated booth space (1.3 x 1.0m) 


3. Is the venue sheltered? 

Tanjong Katong Complex: Yes, basic shelter will be provided against the Sun and moderate rain. 

The Adelphi: Yes, the venue is the L1 walkway within the building. 


4. Can I bring racks/tables? 

The novelty element of this market is to sell from the luggage. Hence, sellers are no allowed to bring tables or racks to maintain the event setup. 


5. Will there be tables and chairs? 

Sorry, no tables. We provide a lawn mat 1.3 x 1.0m to place your luggage and 2 x stools. Sell from your luggage and swag it like the original flea sellers! 


6. What's the price range to sell? 

We'd recommend to sell between $2-$5. This is just a recommended price range to maximise your profit. You may sell above the range. 

However, to protect the interest of all sellers, pricing should not go below $2 before 5:00pm.