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Terms & Conditions

Vendor(s) agree/agrees to abide with the terms and conditions when participating in The Luggage Market upon payment of the booth fee.

“Vendor/Vendors” refers to the applicant(s) who rents a booth space at The Luggage Market. “Organizer” refers to The Luggage Market who is Organizer of the Event.


Booth fee(s) are strictly non-refundable unless event is cancelled by the Organizer. Transfer of event is not allowed either. 



Vendor(s) are only allowed to setup on the day of the event after 12:00pm

Vendor(s) who did not show up after 1:00pm may result in forfeiture of booth.

Vendor(s) are to vacate the booth before 7:30pm on the event day. 

Strictly restricted to the sale of preloved fashion items only -- apparels, shoes, bags and accessories. Organizer reserves the rights to remove items that are deemed unsuitable. 

Allocation of booth will be given (1) week before the event date via SMS/email. Booth will be assigned on random basis based on selected tier, no disputes will be entertained. 

Vendor(s) are not allowed to bring tables (>35cm in height) , racks or any other furniture to elevate their luggage.

Vendors must not stored boxes, bags or lugagge beyond the demarcated space.




Vendor(s) are to conduct its business in a professional manner so as not to give cause for complaints from occupants of the building or the public. 

 Organizer will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents incurred during the event.

Organizer will not tolerate improper or indecent behavior that may result in harm to others, necessary action will be taken against anyone found guilty of such behaviors. 

Organizer will not be held responsible for any lost or damage of items belonging to the organizing party as the gallery is open to public and respective organizer are to take responsibility of their own items.



Vendor(s) will be held responsible for any damage to the event site and event property. Charges to such damage will be determined by the Organizer. 

No properties within the venue shall be removed or to be shifted unless prior approval given by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the rights to report incident(s) of theft to the Police and it shall be dealt with under laws and regulations in Singapore as imposed by the Government or lawful bodies of the Republic of Singapore.

Vendor(s) are hereby given notice to keep the event site clean and tidy, and shall not litter, deface or damage the event site Waste, boxes, cardboard and refuse should properly disposed of in the nearest bin centers.

Vendor(s) are hereby given notice event that electricity will not be provided unless otherwise stated.



Organizer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice. 

Organizer reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately by notice in writing to the Vendor without providing any reason. Such termination shall not prejudice the rights and liabilities of either party against the other for any breach of this Contract.

The Organizer is not responsible for poor sales or bad response during any of our flea events.

No complimentary parking will be provided at any events unless stated otherwise